Company Profile

Leon Sierra founded Mid-State Wine and Liquor in 2000 he is committed to quality, boutique, artisan, hand crafted, family owned and low to mid production wineries from all over the world. Mid-State is committed to make its wine portfolio industry known and world recognized. They choose well-established products at compatible prices.

Mid-State's staff focuses on knowing the customer on a personal level. Mid-State strives to meet customer needs and build long lasting relationships. They know it is important to educate the customer and its staff about its boutique portfolio. Developing a dependable and trusting relationship, and delivering products in a timely manner are Mid-State's main focus. Mid-State constantly seeks customers who are as PASSIONATE about boutique products as they are.

The staff at Mid-State is always involved in the selection of the products. The portfolio consists of products from North America (California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Texas, etc), South America, Europe (France, Italy, Spain, etc), Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, and other regions.

Mid-State is an importer and a statewide wholesaler based out of Houston, Texas. They import and distribute fine wines, beers, and spirits in both the Texas and National market. Accounts range from family owned restaurants, package stores, hotels, and catering companies, wine bars and corporate accounts.

The philosophy and vision statement is "Build a Rapport! Build an Image! Build a Brand!

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