Wine, Beer, and Liquor Distributers, Wholesalers, Importers Houston TX

Mid-State Wine and Liquors, Wholesaler of wine and spirits, Distributor of beer and Importer of wine and beer for the entire state of Texas.

Our customer accounts range from family owned restaurants (Churrascos, Americas, Café Red Onion, Arcodoro, Pamodoro, Volare), package stores (Spec’s, HEB, Central Market, Siegel’s, Majestic, Gabriels, Goody Goody, Costco, Austin and Houston wine merchant), banquet and wedding hall type companies, Hotels (Marriot, Hotel Derek, Hotel Zaza) wine bars (the tasting room, Max’s Dive, 13deg celcius, Wine Styles, Copa) and Corporate national accounts (Safeway, Krogers etc)

Mid-State’s statewide distribution covers Houston, Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, Ft-Worth, Galveston, Beaumont, College station, Brenham, Corpus Christi, McAllen, Tyler Texas, Bastrop, Elgin, Waco and more.  It took us 10 years to distribute and wholesale to most of the state says Owner Leon D. Sierra but we are here to stay and continue to grow.

The owner Leon Sierra founded the distribution center in 2000 and has not changed its business philosophy.   Mid-State is still committed to quality, boutique, artisan, hand crafted, and family owned wineries, brewers and distilleries.

The company’s wholesale wine portfolio consists of small wineries that produce white wine, sparkling wine, red wine, rose wines and ports anywhere from 5 to 100 cases, mid-size wineries that produce up to 50,000 cases, and larger wineries that produce up to 20 million cases.   These family owned wineries come from all over the world like France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Spain, USA (California, Oregon, Texas, Washington), and New Zealand.

The beer distributor company’s portfolio consists of one of the largest imported European beer brewers in the world called EFES.  This pilsner style lager beer comes from Turkey and the wholesaler in Texas considers this beer to be one top high imported type beers in the USA.   It has been very well accepted in Texas says Juan Ramos the operations manager of the wholesaler, distributor and importer company known as Mid-State.

The company’s liquor wholesale portfolio consists of selling unique but boutique products from family owned distilleries.  We carry the Poggio Basso Grappa’s and Dark Chocolate Liqueur from Italy, Yeni and EFE Raki liqueur from Turkey, Old New Orleans Rum from New Orleans Louisiana and our latest Tres Caballos (Three Horses) tequila from Jalisco Mexico.

The company’s import portfolio consists of bringing wineries from Spain like the Senor Sierra de Alicante, Bodegas Lan, Bodegas Protos,  Bodegas Valduero and more.  They also import wines from Italy like Spinelli, Arcodoro wines and others.

Mid-state continues to grow its distribution, wholesale and import operations to assure that they bring in industry known, world recognized and well established products at affordable prices.  Our products are recognized by magazines such as:  The Wine advocate, The Wine Enthusiast, The Wine Spectator, The Wine & Spirits, The Gambero Rosso magazines.

Mid-State’s staff focuses on knowing the customer on a personal level, introducing new wines to sommeliers, scheduling appointments to meet customer needs, educating the customer and its staff about boutique products, handling the account by conducting wine and product seminars, developing a dependable and trusting relationship, and delivering products in a timely manner.   We constantly seek customers who are as PASSIONATE about boutique products as we are.


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