Employee of the month: Chris Polisak


Chris Polishak, Employee of the month

Chris is a native Texan and wine lover living in Austin, Texas.  He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in December 2009 with a B.S. in Sociology, a certificate in Business Foundations and a minor in Spanish.

Shortly before graduating from UT, Chris was introduced to Mr. John Roenigk, co-owner of The Austin Wine Merchant. Since the first meeting with John and his staff, they have been his mentors in the world of wine.  

After graduating from college he spent the next 2 years working in Secondary Marketing for a mortgage bank based out of Austin. During that time his interest in wine strengthened from basic curiosity to obsession. He began reading all of the wine texts he could get his hands on and attended tastings regularly.  The mortgage bank’s staff was down sized so in November of 2011 he decided to transition to a job that he was truly passionate about.  VINO!  

A few months later, Chris met Leon Sierra and began work with Mid-State. While in this role he plans to increase his knowledge in wine, become a a true winelogist, while learning all about the wholesale/import and distribution side of the wine and spirit business.  Chris eagerly looks forward to the challenges and rewards his new career will bring.

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