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How important is a Website

January 27, 2022

After many years of holding back on budgeting and creating a true working website, I finally did it! Now I know that hiring the right Webmaster/Company like Upstream Marketing, that takes time to listen, design and develop the website to your needs s the right path forward.  My humble recommendation is for all out there that are still hesitant about budgeting for website, do consider it!

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Happy New Year from Mid-State Wine

Wishing all a Happy New Year from the Mid-State Family. We will continue listening and assisting all on the things that you need in order to make your lives fuller. 

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November 25, 2021

May all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and may God be always protecting us.  Salud! 

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Mid-State Ropes 3 Gold Medals in SATX rodeo wine competition.

November 22, 2021

In this year’s blind wine competition for the San Antonio Rodeo 2022, Mid-State Wine & Liquors, Ropes 3 Gold medal awards.  Gravel Bar, Protos,

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Mid-State Houston Rodeo Wine Competition Winners

November 20, 2021

Wine & Liquors, LP Ropes the TOP DESSERT WINE Vidal blanc Ice-wine by Pilliteri winery from Canada in the 2022 HLS Rodeo international wine competition along with more DOUBLE GOLD, GOLD and Silver Class Champion medals.

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leyenda Tequila now sold at Total wine, specs and other retailers

Leyenda Tequila from Jalisco Mexico blanco, reposado, añejo, Extra añejo and hand crafted special edition bottles are now sold all over texas.

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National wine day celebration

National Wine Day is celebrated annually on May 25 to celebrate growing number of wineries across the United states.

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Mid-State Wine and local Groceries-retailers feature HLSR Award winning 2021 wines! 

Mid-State wine & Liquors for the last 15+ years continues to partner with the Houston Live Stock Rodeo (HLSR) winery relations committee to raise funds for the current and future Texas youth generations scholarship programs.

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Women Winelogist at Mid-State wine

Mid-State’s Woman of Wine known as Winelogist continue to be the pillar of our Team.  During the March Women’s History month, Mid-state wants to thanks and recognize them.  

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Tequila made by proud Women

Tequila made by proud women as a gift to the world is the message of Leyenda de Mexico Distillery.   Con aroma de Mujer meaning with the Scent of a Woman is the secret ingredient from Melly Barajas, CEO.   She is a Tequila Master and CEO of Leyenda de Mexico distillery in Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico. 

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