Mid-State Wine Wholesaler Offers Premium Spanish White Vintages

Spanish winesAt Mid-State Wine Wholesaler, we know firsthand the critical importance of offering consumers a diverse (and delicious) portfolio of liquors and wines. As a leading wine distributor in Houston, TX, we understand that delivering a vast assortment of wine collections to suit every palette and preference is the only way to ensure customers find exactly the right bottle to celebrate one of life's precious moments, or simply complement the evening's meal.



Mid-State Wine Wholesaler Showcases White Spanish Wines

One of the main staples in our extensive inventory? Spanish vintages. Spanish wines have long established themselves as a major player in the vineyard industry. Once exported throughout the Roman Empire more than a thousand years ago, the Iberian Peninsula impact is still felt today; Spain holds the global distinction of being the third biggest wine producer, falling just behind its European counterparts Italy and France.

While many don't find it surprising that the Iberian Peninsula more than holds its own with its deep, bold and luscious red varietals, it's important to note that this region also abounds with a slew of sophisticated white wines as well, prompting reputable wine wholesalers the world over to include these vintages as part of their collective inventory offering. At Mid-State, we know that not offering these impressive Spanish white wines would instantly leave a gaping hole in our wine wholesaler product offerings.

Which Spanish Grapes To Seek From A Leading Wine Wholesale

Of course, simply knowing about Spain's white wine reputation isn't enough; in order to successfully indulge in all that these special bottles have to offer, it's important to also have a preliminary understanding on some of the most distinctive white wine grapes found in this region. As a front-running wine distributor in Houston, TX, Mid-State works closely with our clients to ensure that they know which of the Spanish white wine grapes will make all the difference in the next bottle they uncork. Our two particular favorite fruits include:

The Merseguera Grape: Never yet heard of the merseguera grape? You're certainly not alone; this refreshing grape is still relatively unknown by the masses. However, with its crisp, straightforward flavor and low alcohol levels, the light-skinned merseguera grape is rapidly gaining favor and popularity with both connoisseurs and wine wholesaler operations alike.

The Macabeo Grape: Unlike its merseguera counterpart, the white macabeo grape is very popular and often recognized by name. Grown throughout northern Spain, this fruit is able to bloom and grow in even the driest weather conditions. This, coupled with its delicious, dry flavor, make it an obvious choice for bottlers looking to create a distinctive and memorable vintage.

At Mid-State Wine Wholesaler, we not only recognize the palatal vitality that these grapes deliver individually, but we also understand the flavor force they offer when combined. Our private label, "Senor Sierra de Alicante" seamlessly blends these two relevant Spanish grapes for an impressive taste similar to Pinot Grigio or Sauvignon Blanc. Our own internal product, combined with other Spanish whites showcasing other distinctive grapes such as Riesling, verdejo, Granache blanc, Albarino, Albillo, Muscatel de Alexandria, and the ever-popular Tempranillo Blanco. and more help us ensure that we are consistently delivering a comprehensive product inventory to our clients.

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