E.T. 51 Spirits landed in Texas and “they taste out of this world”

As we know the story, something happened northwest of Roswell New Mexico during a severe thunderstorm in 1947. Was it a flying saucer? Was it a weather balloon? Were they aliens? Well, 70+ years later, there are still more questions than answers, and the debate continues.

In Texas we now have a another phenomenon where an extraterrestrial “E.T 51” spirits just landed.  The E.T. 51 spirits consists of a Premium Whisky 51% ABV, Premium Rice Vodka 40% ABV, Premium Espresso (Arabica coffee beans) Vodka 40% ABV and a Gift Set. The E.T.51 bottle design is inspired by Area 51, the top secret U.S. military base in Nevada, United States.  Legend has it … that Area 51 keeps secrets of alien abductions and encounters.  In Canada, where they make the E.T. 51 family products believe the aliens were not carted off to labs and experiments but they came bearing gifts.

So for their ET friends who may still be out there, in Nevada AREA 51, cheers to you, for the party has just begun in Texas!   Ask for it at your nearest neighborhood liquor store (Total Wine & More, Gabriel’s, Costco liquors, Spec’s, Fiesta Liquors, Alamo Liquors, Heights Liquor and more.).  During the holidays continue sharing your E.T 51 experience with all out there?