Wine Tasting – Pinot Noir From Oregon

Wine tasting a Pinot Noir from Oregon.  It is important to mention wine from Rogue Valley Oregon, is quite different on profile regarding California or Washington style Pinot Noir’s.  Normally, Oregon Pinot Noirs are nuanced, subtle, with high acidity that don’t always explode with intense fruity profile as Californian Pinot Noir.

When tasting this Sierra Peaks “Engracia” Pinot Noir from Del Rio Vineyards, Rogue Valley, Oregon ( it had oaky notes as result of 10-12 months in French barrels.  The cranberries and earthy notes dominated palate and had slight smoky characteristics. We noted these to be crucial key characteristics in conveying this wine.  Also forgot to mention that Engracia means “Graceful” which is a great descriptions of a typical Pinot Noir style.

So, when a panel of 5 people tasted this wine, we thought it would be interesting to share Mid-State’s tasting summary in a format known as A.N.T.  The wine Appearance was clear with pale intensity and red ruby color. The Nose (Aromas) were oaky with cherry, cranberry and raspberry aromas.  The Taste (Palate) was medium dry with medium acidity, soft but firm tannins, and nice long lingering finish.

the conclusion is that this wine is very good. 90+ points.  Recommended food pairing would be;  Salmon, (Potatoes / Sausage, potatoes, vegetables wrapped in aluminum foil and put in the oven), Red Snapper, Trout, BBQ! Burgers, Red sauce Pasta dishes, Vegetarian dishes, cheeses and more….