Women Winelogist at Mid-State wine

Mid-State’s Woman of Wine known as Winelogist continue to be the pillar of our Team.  During the March Women’s History month, Mid-State is recognizing them.

Women are more empowered in the beverage industry than ever before.  Women continue to thrive in the face of adversity. Women are in all important roles from sales to management type positions.  This is just a quirky look at the evolution of women in the Mid-State company and our industry.

Mary remembers her first day with Mid-State wines walking into a meeting room of all men.  This was not new to her  but was strongly recognized.  Fast forward a couple years and she witnessed the owner walk in the same meeting space to a room full of women.  This must have felt like a culture shock to him but was a refreshing change for all the women in the room.

Each of the Mid-State women had their own stories as to how they got there, but as they got to know each other  shared many similar experiences.

Mid-State Wines is now a fantastic blend of genders, cultures, styles, and personalities.  It is this strength that has allowed Mid-State to persevere. The Team knows that all of these shared experiences have made our Mid-State Team more resilient and stronger women.

Contributing voices:  Andrea Arango, Mary Dodson, Sandy Epps, Shari Granger,  & Lori Stuber

Written by Mary Dodson